Lessons From the Pandemic (APRL Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers)

Data Breach

I recently hosted a panel of experts at the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL) conference discussing “Lessons from the Pandemic.”

My colleagues include Brian Faughnan from Lewis Thomason; Joseph Corsmeier from the Law Office of Joseph Corsmeier, and Nicole Hyland of Frankfurt Kurnit.

We covered current issues of ethics, technology, and how lawyers work remotely during the pandemic, including:

  • What policies has your firm implemented during the pandemic?
  • Real life challenges of supervising associates and staff remotely
  • How are lawyers finding information to remain current on technology as required by Model Rule 1.1?
  • Ethics issues w Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Meet, etc?
  • Security issues with Alexa
  • VPN
  • Tips for Zoom hearings and conferences
  • Securely HOSTING a Zoom meeting
  • Securely JOINING a Zoom meeting
  • Alexa privacy settings
  • Your health during COVID

You can view the PowerPoint here.

Data Breach
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Data Breach
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Data Breach
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