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My practice as a litigator and appellate lawyer varies so, accordingly, this site is a mashup of cases or legal developments which catch my eye on topics such as arbitration, defamation, privacy, evidence, technology, trial, constitutional law, probate, and medical/nursing home.  The emphasis is on Florida, New York, D.C., and U.S. Supreme Court cases.

While this site is not designed to provoke or inflame, it does occasionally include some observations, criticisms, takeaway messages, and general comments.  I sometimes represent plaintiffs and defendants — very common in the commercial context — so my approach tends to be open, giving pointers for lawyers on both sides of an issue.  That ability to see both sides of an issue is something that no lawyer should lose.  If you don’t like my “take” in a particular post, read on… I probably have covered “your side” in a different post on the same topic.

I have blogged for nearly 15 years on law-related issues.  I started blogging as an open “drawer” of searchable cases so I could easily recall my thoughts on prior cases.  At the same time, it was “open source” in order to share or debate along the way. This site continues that tradition.

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