Using iPhone Location Data in Discovery

Remember the “news” that our smartphones are tracking user locations and storing them in files on the phone?   This article discusses how the iPhone accumulates and stores location data — and how it can be obtained by lawyers in civil cases. Originally published in the Trial Advocate Quarterly, Volume …


Lawyers Should Turn Off “Sent From My [Smartphone]”

Lawyers, and really anyone, should pay attention to whether their smartphone is appending “sent by my iPhone”-type messages at the bottom of business emails.  It’s an unnecessary advertisement for someone else’s product in your communication AND sends a variety of poor messages. Don’t believe it?  Read this article, from the …


CLaw iPhone App in Palm Beach Daily News

The Palm Beach Daily News ran a nice story on the CLaw iPhone app which sets out Florida Rules of Professional Conduct as well as various federal and local bar rules which is free on iTunes.   Article is here. Check out the app via link at


CLaw iPhone App: Florida Rules of Ethics and more

CLaw – Florida Rules of Professional Conduct is a free iPhone app for Florida lawyers which includes: 1.  Florida Rules of Professional Conduct with 2010 updates 2.  Southern District local guidelines 3.  Florida local bar guidelines (Broward, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach) 4. and more…! Check out the ClawApp website …


Exploding Apple iTouch Lawsuit in Kentucky?

A special thanks to our friends at who noted this “breaking legal document” story out of Kentucky.  A high school student is suing Apple and others for personal injuries, and loss of the iTouch, when it exploded in his pants pocket while at school.  According to the lawsuit, the …