Webinar: Cybersecurity for Remote Lawyers and Employees (by Christopher Hopkins)

Data Breach

Thanks to the Florida Defense Lawyers Association for sponsoring the free webinar (for members), “Cybersecurity for Remote Lawyers and Employees.” You can find out information to join the webinar here and here.

This one-hour session will explain the risks and provide hands-on solutions that you can use right away. This is not an advertisement for services nor the same discussion of “change your passwords.” It is meant for professionals who are looking to understand the risks and obtain the tools to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

What we will cover:

  • Phishing Emails (real life examples and solutions)
  • Spearphishing Emails (real life examples and solutions)
  • Risks of Public Wi-Fi
  • How to Mitigate Risks of Public Wi-Fi (cheaply and effectively)
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19 scams (real life examples and how to avoid)
  • Policy considerations for working remotely and mitigating risk
  • Use Zoom with the best privacy practices
  • How to mitigate your concerns about Amazon Alexa listening
  • Protect the Privacy of Your iOS Device
  • 10-Question Quiz to determine if your PC is keeping your information private

Link to webinar is here. If you are unable to attend, the materials are here.

Data Breach
Christopher Hopkins Speaks on “Protect Your Mediation Practice from Hackers” (Florida Dispute Resolution Conference 2022)

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Data Breach
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Data Breach
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