Getting to Know Florida Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Laws

A Google Trend report shows that “Florida Medical Marijuana” has generated massive attention since 2013.  floridamed

I attended a recent Florida Cannabis Coalition meeting and, while the speakers were good, the attendees seemed uneducated (case in point, people literally got up and left when they heard about the $150,000 application fee and $5 millon bond).

As a baseline, to become educated on these developing legal issues in Florida, be aware of:

1.  Florida Senate Bill 1030 “Charlotte’s Web” (signed by Gov. Scott): here

2.  Florida Senate Bill 1700 Marijuana Indentity Protection Act (signed by Gov. Scott): here

3.  Amendment 2: here

4.  Cole Memo (August 2013): here

5.  Cole Memo 2 (Feb 2014): here

6.  Channel 5 WPTV-WPB: “Hundreds of entrepreneuers gather in Boca Raton tolearn how to make money from medical marijuana”: here.  (I’m there around 1:01 m into the video)

4th Amendment
Florida Police Can (1) Search Your Car After Smelling Marijuana and (2) Cut a Hole in Your Underwear to Find Drugs (Jevin Hilliard v. Florida)

Florida drivers (and those in the car) should be aware that it is fairly well-settled that police have probable cause to search a car and occupants during a traffic stop based on “the faint odor of cannabis.” But how far can the search go? We find out in Jevin Hilliard …

4th Amendment
Yes, Florida Police Check UPS Packages for Drug Shipments

In the recent case of James Johns, III v. State of Florida, the Second District explains the basics of 4th Amendment “Terry stops” while also illuminating the techniques that Florida police use to catch drug shipments sent via UPS (and presumably other carriers). The court sets the scene this way: …

4th Amendment
Your House is Burning — Can the Fire Department Turn You In for Drugs and Guns in the House?

You may have constitutional protections in your house but the exigency of the circumstance gives constitutional permission to the first responders to enter your home.  Once the fire is extinguished, fire fighters are required to conduct an “administrative sweep” to confirm there is no other fire or danger.  During fire fighting or during …