2012 Discovery of Facebook Content

Understanding the 2020 Update to Florida’s Firework Statute

Florida recently passed a new law allowing certain fireworks to be bought and used on July 4 and New Years Eve/Day. Understand how Florida Statute 791.08 works by reading this article from the June 2020 Palm Beach Bar. Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Clauses from Contracts
How to Obtain a Jury Trial in Florida When There is a Jury Waiver in Your Contract (Revival of the “Advisory Jury”)

A new case revives an old method to avoid an express contractual jury waiver by asking for an “advisory jury.” Here’s how it works for plaintiffs and how lawyers who write contracts can address it. For years I have recommended that clients consider an express jury waiver in their contracts …

Privacy Settings for Zoom Video and Alexa (Palm Beach Bar Association)

While people are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is wise to ensure that privacy settings on Zoom and Alexa (and all your devices and applications) are up-to-date. This guide will assist you in correctly securing your Zoom video conferences and Amazon Alexa. Quick note: while this article was …