How Should A Judge Instruct A Jury Not to Text, Twitter or Google?

Look no further than our brethren in Michigan, who hustled out a June 30, 2009 order providing the anti-Twittering jury instruction for trial judges.  The rule goes into effect in September. No, it may not be required here in Florida yet, but isn’t it a good idea?  Why not offer …


Lawyer Cannot Ask Paralegal to “Facebook Friend” A Witness

After the flood  of attention which lawyers and the media have recently paid to social networking sites, the next logical emphasis will be the ethical use, and mis-use, of such sites by lawyers. Trying to jump start that inquiry, in Internet Social Networking Sites For Lawyers, we hinted at the risks …


Lawyers Continue to Be Focused on Twitter (Let it Go..!)

While lawyers are typically slow to adopt any new technology, there is a peculiar love affair between lawyers and Twitter.  “New” by the way is a relative term.  Twitter’s been around since 2006.  How many people had heard of it before 2008?  Hmm? Even on this site, we’ve found ourselves …


One Lawyer’s Advice on Twitter

The ABA Journal Mobile ran an interesting piece on lawyers-using-Twitter, Think of Twitter as ‘Megatexting,’ But Proceed With Caution.  Law-tech commentator Jim Calloway offered that lawyers should not over-Tweet (suggests you don’t have enough to do), don’t tweet outside of your practice/target area, and… don’t ever think your tweets are private.


Lawyer Tells Client NOT to Use Social Network Sites in Hiring Process?

With the increase in social networking websites, there has been a corresponding increase in the “learning curve” as to how to properly use them.  The mainstream media and legal profession have shown us that Tweeting jurors, incriminating evidence on MySpace, and Facebook posts about personal misadventures is a bad idea …


Exploding Apple iTouch Lawsuit in Kentucky?

A special thanks to our friends at who noted this “breaking legal document” story out of Kentucky.  A high school student is suing Apple and others for personal injuries, and loss of the iTouch, when it exploded in his pants pocket while at school.  According to the lawsuit, the …


iPhone Apps for Lawyers, Part I

As mentioned before, the iPhone has been an impressive phenomenon to watch, both from a legal sense (e.g., is the AT&T terms of service contract unconscionable?) and from a tech perspective (e.g., is this a tethered device or a generative one?).  The leap from a novel cell phone to a resource …