Data Breach

Storm v Paytime — Data Breach Case

According to Judge John E. Jones, III, “[t]here are only two types of companies left in the United States… ‘those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked.’” Citing the now infamous USAToday article statistic that 43% of companies have experienced a data breach, the US …


Christopher Hopkins Appears As Counsel for Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida, LLC

We previously posted regarding the three petitions challenging the Florida Department of Health’s Rule 64-4 (here). Christopher Hopkins filed his notice of appearance as counsel (here) for the Medical Cannabis Trade Association of Florida (MCTAF) in its rule challenge matter. MCTAF’s petition is here.  See the News Service of Florida story (here). …

Virtual Currency

Christopher Hopkins to Speak at Atlanta Bitcoin Consumer Fair

Christopher Hopkins will be speaking about “Bitcoin Litigation” from 1-2 pm, Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Atlanta Bitcoin Consumer Fair.   In addition to his role as a digital currency advocate and one of the first lawyers in the bitcoin space, Mr. Hopkins is lead counsel in virtual currency …


Three Florida Petitions Challenge DOH Rules re Charlotte’s Web Medical Marijuana

Confused by the various letters and lawsuits regarding Florida Department of Health’s Proposed Rule 64-4 in order to implement the “Charlotte’s Web” law, Florida Statute 381.986? Here is an overview of the developments over the last month and an overview of the three suits: As you likely know, the Florida …


Florida Bar Webinar: Apps for Florida Lawyers

Thanks to the several hundred attendees who viewed the live Florida Bar webinar, Apps for Florida Lawyers! The Bar will provide 1.0 hour of CLE credit. Learn more than 50 iPhone and iPad apps as well as a lengthy discussion regarding how to use an iPad during a deposition, how …


Mother of a 4-Year Old File Challenge to Florida Dept of Health’s Medical Marijuana Rule

Nine days after the Florida Department of Health’s Rule Hearing on proposed Rule 64-4.001-.009, the mother of a four year old girl has filed a Rule Challenge with the court. The Department had recently filed a Revised Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs (SERC). The Petition was filed March 11, 2015.  In Dahlia …


U.S. v. Elonis — U.S. Supreme Court’s Facebook Case

A former amusement park employee’s Facebook posts may prove wrong most federal courts or will clearly carve out a rare First Amendment exception. The case of U.S. v. Elonis focuses on whether statements, often phrased as rap music, could be a “true threat” which would make it a crime if …


Crowe v. Marquette — New Facebook Discovery Case (and possibly lying about it) from Louisiana

In a federal case which appears to be about an employee who claims to be injured on the job, the defendant sought the plaintiff’s Facebook content based upon a lead that the plaintiff had posted that he had been injured while fishing before going to work.  So the defendant-employer asked …


How Florida Lawyers Use Technology

In January 2015, the Florida Bar released its “Results of the 2014 Economics and Law Office Management Survey,” which you can find here. The Bar article covers the primary study results however there are far more interesting tech-specific data about lawyers and their use of technology. Some of the interesting, …


Use of Drone Acquired Evidence in (Florida) Civil Cases

Can a law firm fly a drone in light of Pirker v FAA and the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act? Can a lawyer legally acquire evidence via drone / UAS? Find out in this article from February 2015 Palm Beach Bar Association.


Christopher Hopkins Speaks to Paralegal Association of Florida About “Paralegal Ethics 2015”

Thanks to the West Palm Beach Chapter of the Paralegal Association of Florida for inviting me to speak at their January 2015 meeting. The quiz show format for “Paralegal Ethics 2015” and materials are here.


Florida OFR Claims Marijuana and Virtual Currency Are “Emerging Threats”

Florida Office of Financial Regulation recently released a consumer publication, Fast Facts, which claimed that medical marijuana and virtual currency (bitcoins) were “emerging threats” in terms of investments. The pamphlet does not state the factual or anecdotal basis for those statements. The Fast Facts pamphlet is here.  See page 9. …

Virtual Currency

Christopher Hopkins Speaks At Miami Bitcoin – Regulatory Panel (TNABC)

The North American Bitcoin Conference was held in Miami Beach this weekend and included a discussion of regulatory issues among attorneys Jacob Farber, Kathryn Haun, Christopher Hopkins, Andrew Ittleman, and Marco Santori as well as non-lawyers Perianne Boring and Australian Senator Sam Dastyari. One topic that was stressed was that …


Can Your Client Legally Fly a Drone?

Drones were apparently the popular holiday gift last month — to the point that the FAA issued special guidance for new flyers. “Can Your Client Legally Fly a Drone?” is from the January 2015 Palm Beach Bar Bulletin and explains the trial ruling in the Pirker case and some of the …

Virtual Currency

Florida Virtual Currency “Fibonacci” Lawsuit

As reported on Coindesk, we have filed suit on behalf of two defrauded purchasers against the “Fibonacci” manufacturing and mining organization (see, “Florida Group Faces Fraud Charges for Alleged Altcoin Pump and Dump,” December 17, 2014).   You can read their excellent coverage here. A copy of the lawsuit …