Foursquare as Promotional Tool for Law Business

Foursquare may, indeed, be the next Twitter internet-phenom, with users creeping into seven figures and the number of check-ins getting over 20 million, well, ridiculous  (we broke ground on Foursquare in this February 2010 post).  Still a doubter?  Well, expect more articles and coverage about Foursquare, like this New York Times article.  Tech-heads, meanwhile, exclaim that its going to change the world.  So its good to keep an eye on it for use in legal cases, marketing or even a little fun.

While Yelp appears to have greater business functionality, Yelp has the edge on the “fun” aspect although the community-feel isn’t as solid as Yelp (we’re viewing the perky Gowalla as a third alternative, dwindling into a falling third place).

Foursquare is maneuvering and should be watched as a viable dominate force in this location-based trend.  Business Insider put together this piece on “How to Use Foursquare to Boost Retail Sales.”  Admittedly, the article and app is still directed at retail and consumer business but services, like law firms, are clearly around the corner.  To wit, check out BI’s thirteen step recommendations as to how business owners can use Foursquare.

Websites which integrate Foursquare are popping up.  Checkout, which allows you to see what businesses are offering deals for Foursquare users based upon your location.  Bing Maps is reportedly going to start sprinkling its maps with 4SQ commentary.

Are you a Foursquare fan?  Check out “Christopher H” in West Palm Beach and do a friend request.  If you are curious how to unlock the remaining badges, look no further than…. here.

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